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Some projects

Below are some of the projects I've been involved with. It's more as a memory-lane for me :-)

Salong Marina's new responsive website

Salong Marina - Hairdresser/stylist


A small hairdresser salon with only one employee. I helped with business development, build up the salong, upgraded the website to be responsive and helped with digital marketing (social media).


Social network


Currently still in the development phase, but is scheduled to be launched within the year. More info to come when it goes live :-)

Microsoft CRM integration

EPiServer - Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration


Project management for esablishing an integration between Constructor's EPiServer platform and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Data capture of prospects and leads are fed directly into the CRM's sales funnel. The email marketing and marketing automation module for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, ClickDimensions, was also installed. This module captures data about prospects when browsing the websites (web intelligence) giving a full picture of the complete customer jurney.

Constructor Group AS

Constructor Group and brands


EPiServer platform hosting at the most 53 website in 41 different languages with in total 11,500 pages. Very nice traffic increase after optimization and establishment of ~40 social channels. CRM integration feeding valuable leads and customer knowledge. Login areas for customers and employees was created. A rock solid software architecture created by Bouvet (Svein Aandahl and Per Atle Holvik).

My Catalogue - create your own brochure "on the fly"


A nice function which focus on the customer by giving them the option to create their own, tailoed catalogue with content of their own selection. As they browse the website, they can add pages of interest and generate their own PDF for download. These PDF's contain lots of links back to the website for more information (and traffic).

Uniport Paint Sprayers

UniSpray (Uniport)


A really small website with only 3 products. The purpose was to score best on google search through SEO and linking strategy. We were able to be on top for nearly a year without adding content, just optimizing. This site is now more or less entered a "passive" mode, but the test was interesting :-)

Simrad Yaching website in 2007

Navico and brands


A fantastic episerver enterprise project! Being able to launch 63 websites within a short time period with a very low budget. Thanks to a great team, this project really showed great performance numbers.


Intranet for Kongsberg


My first digital project. I used Perl and CGI and created the company's intranet solution running on a home made CRM solution. The site had features so that everyone could post news, comment news, polls, update reports and more.


Sound-playing garbage cans


The amusementpart, Tusenfryd, had issues with visitors throwing litter all around their park. So we developed a device which we mounted inside the trash cans which played random sound tracks when litter was put in. The effect was amazing. Kids found this very funny and started looking around for more litter to throw in the bin! The solution really solved their issue :-)